We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

On behalf of our family, we wish to thank you for your professional services during this difficult time. Your kindness and attention to detail really helped us make sure our dad, Frank Butcher has a service that he would've been proud of.

Susan Smith June 22, 2022

Dear Robert and Carmine, Thank You for handling our dad's funeral recently. Your professionalism is very much appreciated.

The Camilleri Family April 22, 2022

0n behalf of the Meagher family I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful services that were done for Celine. Many people remarked that she looked like her old self and the was a great comfort to our family. All of the services, from the viewing to the military salute at All Saints Cemetery went very well and was a well deserved send off for Celine.

David Meagher August 10, 2021

Dear Carmine, Thank you my friend who knows the Zalewski's for making Chets funeral so peacefully and lovely. Yours truly, Florence,, Gary, Karen and Cheryl

March 26, 2020

We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful funeral for our mother Jeanne Gardiner. Everything was perfect and you made us at ease. We appreciate your care and support.

Gardiner family

Bob, Thank you for all your efforts for the funeral for our dad. You made everything flow so smoothly and we are greatly appreciate.

The McGrafth Family June 20, 2019

Carmine, Thank you for your thoughtfulness. May the Lord reward your kindness.

Larry and Michelle April 29, 2019

Dear Carmine, Lori Thank you very much for all your help with my wife's mother's funeral. Her mother was a great lady and you guys were awesome.

Pat February 01, 2018

Dear Bob, Thank you for all your help with my mom's service and burial. We were all very happy with everything which exceeded our expectations. This, no doubt is a result of your experience, warmth and compassion, and knowledge. We were so happy to work with you and despite the bad timing you were so kind to call and keep us posted the very first and emotional 5 days. Thank You

Johanna. Mike and Chris

Dear Carmine, Bob and Staff, Thank you so much for your compassion and care in helping us arrange the services for my mother, Mary Alice Reynolds. Your professional yet kind manner made the task one of comfort. We truly appreciate all you and the staff did to help us at this difficult time.

Patty and Frank Pietrosimone August 29, 2017

Carmine, I am so grateful for your assistance arranging for a priest and a bagpiper for my Dad's funeral. The day was picture perfect and he would have been thrilled with the service. It could not have happened without you. Much obliged.

Suzanne July 01, 2016

Carmine, Thank you so much for the great service.! Our family appreciates your attention to detail.

Bernadette January 27, 2016

Dear Bob, Thank you so much for your sensitive assistance with Ethel. You made a difficult set of decisions much easier. I hope you and your family are enjoying the summer, and thank you again.

Tara July 23, 2015

Carmine and Staff Thank you for your support and compassion on the loss of our mother, Helen. You made the process easy and made her look beautiful. Thank- You.

Catherine April 23, 2015

Dear Carmine, Thank you for all of your efforts and support to our family upon the passing of Jeanne McLean in December. We truly appreciate how lovely Jeanne looked at her viewing, and the caring attention you and your staff provided at Jeanne's viewing, funeral mass, and burial service at St. Mary's Cemetery. We that you for everything you've done in support of Jeanne and our family, and we send our best wishes to you.

Hugh, Susan, Sara March 04, 2015

Dear Mr. Monaco, Thank You for taking one of life's more sorrowful and unpleasant occasions, and making it more bearable with your caring and professional demeanor. I have to say the vault cover was very impressive and such a surprise Donald would have love it.

Mona February 17, 2015

Dear Bob and all of the Staff at Sisk Brothers, Thank you so much for all of your care of our family, at the passing of our wife and mother, Mary. Your services were at the same time so compassionate and so professional. You helped make this difficult time easier to bear. Thank you for the extra effort you made in transporting Mary from Maine and in making a space for the children to go to during the wake. We thank you for the many years and times you have served our family. May God bless you and your business/ ministry in the New Year.

John, Kate, Jill and Paul January 26, 2015

Thank you for your excellent service during the wake and funeral.

Theresa December 11, 2014

Dear Carmine, My husband's funeral was just perfect! Thank you so much for your generosity. You and your staff were just out standing. I know my husband would have whole heartily approved. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife. I wish you continued success in your business venture. Thank You again.

Patty August 11, 2014

Dear Carmine: I write to thank you and the Sisk Brothers staff for the excellent arrangements provided and care you gave my sister Stacey 0'Connor's recent wake and funeral. We realize that you had a significant challenge in order to provide the open coffin we requested and I feel you did a wonderful job that was greatly appreciated by our family members. I especially appreciated the timing and guidance provided for the funeral. The trips over the highway to Branford and from Branford back through New Haven to St. Lawrence were on schedule, efficient and very well executed. Bob Woody did a masterful job throughout. Thank you very much.


Dear Carmine, Bob and Lori We appreciate all of your assistance in preparing the arrangements for the funeral and the burial. My husband would be proud to know his send off went so smoothly.

Phyllis and Family

Dear Bob and Lori, My brother Chris and I would like to thank you so very much for all the guidance and attention you gave us during my mother's funeral and before hand. Your thoughtful words, gentle voice and continued compassion where much appreciated and gave us great confidence that our planned funeral will go off smoothly and just the way we wanted it to be. I am grateful for your help and for all the care you gave my mother, and us. It was all perfect.


Dear Mr. Woody , Lori and Sisk Bros Wonderful Staff Thank you for the gentle care given to my Dad, Marty I never had a doubt when I placed him in your hands. Mr. Woody, I'm glad you didn't move to New York! You saw to every detail, making a difficult time seamless. We were so fortunate to have you in our corner. Thank you. You are all marvelous folks.


Dear Carmine, Thank you for your wonderful service to our family at this sad time. You and your team were attentive, compassionate and caring in all that you provided.

Alice & Jim and Family, January 14, 2014

Dear Sisk Brothers and Carmine Monaco. Thank you for the beautiful service you provided for my baby girl, on November 1, 2013. You have an amazing staff who brought myself and my family much comfort during this impossibly difficult time. For that I will forever be greatful.

Kerri November 27, 2013

The Staff of Sisk Brothers Our family has always relied upon your services when our family members have passed away. There are very good reasons for that. Recently, your help was needed once again for the funeral of our Mom on January 22, 2013. We, her children, and our extended family remain in awe of your professionalism, compassion, flexibility, and knowledge. Our mom's funeral was pre-paid, and most of the family's wishes were noted several years ago. We'd like to extend a special thanks to Carmine who made sure that all of our requests were honored, and that family members were well-guided and made comfortable throughtout the vistation hour,Funeral Mass and burial. But probably the best gift that the family received, due to your efforts, was our moms appearance. She looked beautiful, in stark contrast to the way she'd appeared in the last days of her life. She truly looked at peace. Please accept our gratitude for a job well-done! Carmine and his colleagues at Sisk's are positive role models for others in your business to emulate. Many Thanks.

Ellen, Christine, Paul and Karen

Dear Carmine, Thank you so very much for John's services being exactly as he wanted.


Dear Carmine, "You are an understandingly kind, thoughtful magician.." Thank You.


To Carmine and Staff, "Many thanks to each of you. Your assistance, kindness and patience was greatly appreciated"


Dear Carmine, Your kindness during the recent arrangements for Valerie funeral made such a difference. You were so generous with your time and so very thoughtful with all areas of planning.. Your considerable efforts in main caring expensive with the funds allowed were greatly appreciated. ! Your staff beautifully exemplify your most caring and efficient qualities. So very thankful to you.

Gwen June 17, 2022

Dear Carmine and Staff. Thank you so much for providing wonderful comfort and care for our family. Everything was tastefully done at your funeral home and also at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I really appreciated all of your attention to detail! Best always.

Elaine Thoma February 18, 2022

Dear Bob. I want to thank you on behalf of our family for your excellent supervisor of the arrangements for Tom's funeral. The calling hours, funeral mass and burial service were beautifully conducted and gave us great comfort. Mostly, I want to thank you for your personal support during a difficult time made even more challenging by the pandemic. All the best on your future plans, but know that you and your colleagues have our deep appreciation

Bill November 25, 2020

Carmine, Please excuse the lateness of this note. I wanted to thank you for your amazing compassion and support throughout my dad's recent illness. Your professionalism and personal approach made the process so much more tolerable and manageable. My family and I are forever grateful.

Bob August 30, 2019

Thank you for your warmth and kindness during this difficult time. We are so pleased with how everything was handle/

The Lillis Family August 14, 2019

Thank you so much for everything. You did a wonderful job as always.

Carmine & Staff

My family and I want to thank Bob and the staff at Sisk Brothers for all your help with regards to my mother's services last week.

Nan July 03, 2018

Dear Carmine, Robert and Lori, 0n behalf of are family, we want to extend our sincere thanks for your compassion and professionalism in assisting us with the arrangements for our dad Joseph. We appreciated your assistance with every detail in the planning of the arrangements. You were so kind to our matter as she faced saying good bye to the love of her life for 70 years. We will forever be greatful to all of you for your kindness during this difficult time. 0ur sincere thanks for helping us honor our wonderful husband and father. who will never be forgotten.

Bill & Jo Ellen Wickwire January 19, 2018

Sending condolences to Joyce Morris due to the fact that she lost her beloved Gene Morris who was such a wonderful soul, always very gentle and caring for all he met. We send our love for them because they were our beloved friends who were so kind to us and our family. Also, sending our condolences to their son. Gene Morris Jr. and his wife Barbara and their 2 children, Gene and Tori. The world is a better place because they are a beautiful, loving family. Please know that our prayers are with you.

Rhea White & Bob White December 18, 2017

I can't say enough about the services that were provided for my Mom, everyone there is so kind and we are truly grateful with the care given to both our mother and us.

Judi July 07, 2016

Dear Lori, Carmine and entire team @ Sisk Brothers We can't thank you all enough for all you have done to make our mothers wake and funeral so special and memorable. During such a difficult time (as you all know) certain choices and decisions are difficult to make especially when we haven't had to make those decisions before. You all are a wonderful group of people and thank you all so much for everything you've done for us. All our love and thanks.

The Freer Family March 08, 2016

Carmine, You are a special person. Thanks for your time and advise with our interstate dilemma. You were an angel on our shoulder at a very difficult time. With warmest regards.

Linda, 0scar, 0liver, Sammi November 23, 2015

Dear Carmine, Thank you for everything-you did a beautiful job.

Suzanne June 03, 2015

Carmine: Thanks to you and your staff for all of your help and assistance with my mother in law's services. We truly appreciated it.

Jay March 30, 2015

Dear Bob,Thank you for all of your efforts and support to our family upon the passing of Jeanne McLean in December. We truly appreciated how lovely Jeanne looked at her viewing, and the caring attention and thoughtfulness you provided at Jeanne's funeral mass and burial service at St. Mary's Cemetery. We thank you for everything you've done in support of Jeanne and our family, and we send our best wishes to you. Sincerely, Hugh, Susan, Sara.

Hugh, Susan, Sara March 03, 2015

Carmine, Thank you so much for everything you did to make my father's wake and funeral service so meaningful. So much of those days remain a blur, but the feelings that you and your staff showered on my family and friends were so appreciated. Your kindness and professionalism, starting with the long trip to East Granby to the final military honors meant so much to me, my family and most of all you gave my father the service he deserved.

Ann January 28, 2015

Carmine, I would like to thank you for your help in making my mom's funeral arrangements. She was an unusually kind person who always looked out for the well-being of others. It was important to us to plan a service that we felt would make her happy. You were very agreeable to doing anything we asked of you and it was appreciated.

Kathleen January 15, 2015

Thank you so much for your help and kindness.

Patricia November 12, 2014

Dear Woody, Thank you so much for all your capable and sensitive care while my family and I went through such a difficult time. Everyone at Sisk, from you, to Carmine, to Lori, was so sensitive to our feelings an so excellent about attending to every detail. Because of you, we were able to put dad to rest with heavy hearts, but lightened load. With gratitude.

Deborah, Bob, Caleb and Ducan

Dear Carmine, Bob, Lori I personally want to thank each and every one for your utmost respect and service for my fathers wake and funeral. Thank you so much for making the wake and cemetery services more "bearable". Its been very hard for me but knowing how well you all have handled and cared for my father, means the world to me Thank you again for everything.

Veronica and Alan May 12, 2014

Dear Lori, Carmine, Bob Thank you for your kindness, understanding and support upon the passing of Hugh McLean Jr. We truly appreciated everything you did for Hugh, and for our family, in ensuring that Hugh had a beautiful viewing, funeral mass, and burial service.

Jeanne, Scott and Brian

Dear Carmine and Staff, Thank you for you incredible kindness and generosity. We appreciate it during this difficult time.

Thomas and Danielle

Dear Carmine, My family and I can not thank you enough for your generosity and compassion during this extremely difficult time. Your gesture is undoubtedly one of the greatest that has been made to our family.


Dear Mr. Woody, Thank you for everything.

Lynn January 14, 2014

Carmine, thank you for all your help (and Bob's) in making my mother's funeral so special.

Christina October 24, 2013

Dear Carmine and Lori We appreciate all that you have done for us.


Dear Carmine and The Staff, Words are inadequate to thank you for your helpfulness in fulfilling a difficult task for me.


Carmine and Staff A special thank you for the beautiful funeral you conducted for my husband. The dignity and concern for all was present throughout the entire experience. We as a family will always remember the remarkable presentation of my husband and their father. He looked handsome and very peaceful.